Julian Assange and I

As a signatory of the ICATOR association cited in the UN No-Touch Torture investigation, I am a victim of war crimes, carried out in the greatest of secrecy and with the culpable silence of states and their agencies (DGSI, police) by individuals who are often linked to the military (so they use DARPA equipment illegally), and to criminal mafias (mostly real estate mafias). These harassment groups include criminals who are already known to the police, but also many psychopaths who find a way to satisfy their sadistic needs here.

As a result, ordinary citizens are harassed in their homes, usually in order to buy back real estate at a low cost: their Internet wires are cut, and their computers and laptops are hacked. AN ABSOLUTE SCANDAL!



Julian Assange is the phenomenon; me and the other Targeted Individuals are the epiphenomenon. As in the pyramids of Egypt: at the summit is Assange, and then the ordinary citizens. Then the tombs with their mummies. There are Targeted Individuals who actually die, because they’re targeted by these weapons!

I went to a Mediapart conference where knowledgeable and good thinkers were applauding each other on the subject of Julian Assange.

But how have they not yet understood that we have taken only one example, and that beneath it, there are and will be dozens of tortured people: Julian Assange is at the top and then it is the citizens, I would say “ordinary people”, who are targeted to serve the great god of business, including the multinationals who now control all the newspapers and who target, for their own benefit, the innocent people who are made to look either crazy or guilty. Julian Assange is an example of exemplary behavior that they would like to see snowball, so as to lead to a society where justice would no longer have any place. An Orwellian society.

Journalists are either blind or blinded, depending on various factors, and are, in any case, not very intelligent. They didn’t understand that the breadcrumbs had to be followed in order to get a glimpse of the truth. And this truth is revealed by Targeted Individuals: individuals who are watched and tracked 24 hours a day, and from whom the multinationals and the journalists who work there take their ideas, their images, and their genius!

Because I hope that some people have understood that Edward Snowden is telling the truth: with these new harassment techniques and these new weapons, one can steal thoughts and ideas.  It’s the brain that’s being targeted. And I think Julian Assange is also currently facing electromagnetic harassment.

We Targeted Individuals all around the world cry out that we are being violated, robbed, and slaughtered.



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